Leonardo Ignacio Martínez Sandoval

- Mathematical Researcher
- Python Coder
- Advocate of Problem-Solving

Coding Portfolio

Here you can find a list of some Python projects I have developed.

Data Science


A database with lots of information about the courses at the Faculty of Sciences, UNAM

GitHub Link
Python, pandas, jupyter
Sobrinos de la Tía Cony

Data visualization project for the scholars of the Mexican science funding institution Conacyt

GitHub Link Project Link
Python, pandas, Jupyter, D3, TypeScript

Web Development

APMO Website

Before 2016, the information for the Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad was spread all over the internet. When I became chair of the competition, I committed to creating a website to gather all the information and make it availiable through a friendly and scalable interface. This is the result of this work.

GitHub Link Project Link
Python, Flask, pandas, Matplotlib, Jinja2, Jupyter, Bootstrap

This is the mobile friendly successor of ConvierTex (see below). Now based on ajax and MathJax.

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LaTeX, HTML, CSS, JS, MathJax

Flask webapp to create a personal/professional page using a CV managed with CV Utilities. This personal page is created itself with PyPersonalPage!

GitHub Link
Python, Flask, cvutils, HTML, Bootstrap, JS, AJAX, Jinja2
Personal and Professional Page

This page. Dynamically generated and served by Flask + openpyxl.

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Python, Flask, cvutils, HTML, Bootstrap, JS, AJAX, Jinja2
APMO Website Scripts

Python scripts to create the official webpage of the Asian Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for the period 2016 - 2018. Now they are legacy and they have been replaced by the project APMO Website above.

Python, openpyxl, NumPy, Matplotlib, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
VII CIIM Website

The official website of the VII Competencia Iberoamericana Interuniversitaria de Matemáticas.

Project Link
WordPress, HTML, CSS, FTP, SSH
Mexican Mathematical Olympiad Website

The official website of the Mexican Mathematical Olympiad.

Project Link
WordPress, HTML, CSS, WPStats, PHP, FTP, SSH, MathJax, SQL

Write a LaTeX formula, click a button, and share it with the world! Originally it compiled LaTeX locally and stored images with hashing. Yes, there used to be an "I" in the name.

Flask, LaTeX, HTML, CSS, BeautifulSoup
Personal Blog

My personal blog about life and mathematics.

Project Link
WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, FTP, SSH, MathJax
Mexico City Mathematical Olympiad Website

The official webpage for the Mathematical Olympiad of Mexico City between 2010-2013

HTML, CSS, lightbox, SSH

Python - Other

Linear Epidemic

A basic epidemic model using linear algebra and Python

GitHub Link
Python, numpy, jupyter
CV Utilities (cvutils)

Object Oriented library for managing a Curriculum Vitae from an .xlsx file. Implements basically everything that you can see in this page.

GitHub Link
Matplotlib, openpyxl
Golden Cookie Clicker

Computational vision project. In the game Cookie Clicker there is a golden cookie that appears at random times on screen. Clicking on it boosts the cookie production but requires constant attention of the user. This Python bot automatically clicks on it when it appears.

open_cv, SIFT, pyautogui, ImageGrab
Collect Definitions

Do you have troubles reading english text with unusual words? By giving a list of words to this script, it gathers all the definitions that you need from … and creates an HTML file to see all of them in a beautiful way.

Python, CSS, HTML, BeautifulSoup