Leonardo Ignacio Martínez Sandoval

- Mathematical Researcher
- Python Coder
- Advocate of Problem-Solving

About Me

I am a full-time professor and researcher in mathematics at the Faculty of Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (FC-UNAM).

My main areas of research interest are discrete and computational geometry. I have strong programming skills in Python and web development. I keep on learning continuously and I like to share with others what I have learnt. I am open to research collaborations and interactions with industry.

I am particularly fond of mathematical problem solving. When possible, I contribute to various mathematical competitions around the world, including the International Mathematical Olympiad, the Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad and the Mexican Mathematical Olympiad.

I have various hobbies. I like painting, playing music, reading and the occasional writing of short stories or blog entries. I love cooking, specially mexican food and desserts. I have run some 10k races and a half-marathon.


PhD in Mathematics and Modelling

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Université de Montpellier
(2012 - 2016)
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Dissertation: “Explorations in combinatorial geometry: Distinct circumradii, geometric Hall-type theorems, fractional Turán-type theorems, lattice path matroids and Kneser transversals”
Supervisors: Dr. Luis Montejano Peimbert and Dr. Jorge Ramírez Alfonsín

Data Scientist with Python Track

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26 four-hour courses in data exploration, manipulation, visualization and machine learning

BSc in Mathematics

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
(2007 - 2011)
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Dissertation: "El problema del Ángel de Conway y gráficas angelicales.
Supervisor: Dr. Javier Bracho Carpizo

International Baccalaureate

Tec de Monterrey
(2004 - 2007)

Professional Experience

Associate Professor C

Faculty of Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico
(2020 - Now)
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Full-time, tenure-track position with research and teaching duties

Web Administrator

Olimpiada Mexicana de Matemáticas
(2013 - Now)
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Server set-up, domain management and annual update of official website

CNRS Postdoctoral Researcher

Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu PRG, Sorbonne Université
(2018 - 2019)
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ERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Department of Computer Science, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
(2016 - 2018)
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European Research Council H2020 Project: "Combinatorial Aspects of Computational Geometry"

Audiovisual Translator

Khan Academy via Fundación Slim
(2012 - 2014)
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Translation from English to Spanish of 550 videos in mathematics, finance and physics

Coordinator of Mathematical Promotion

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
(2014 - 2015)
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Items for mainstream media
Organization of Mathematical fairs
Organization of workshops

Adjunct Professor and Teaching Assistant

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
(2010 - 2014)
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Courses: Analytic Geometry, Calculus, Complex Analysis, Probability, Problem-Solving Seminar, Real Analysis, Stochastic Processes

Awards and Funding

Funding PAPIME

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PE104721 “Hacia una modalidad a distancia de la Licenciatura en Matemáticas de la FC-UNAM”

México, 2021

Funding PAPIIT

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IA104621 “Aspectos discretos y computacionales de la representación geométrica de estructuras combinatorias”

México, 2021-2022

SNI Level I

Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología
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Research Fellow at Sistema Nacional de Investigadores in Mexico

México, 2020-2022

SNI Level C

Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología
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Research Fellow at Sistema Nacional de Investigadores in Mexico

México, 2017-2019

Best Contribution Award

Discrete and Computational Geometry
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In conference "A New Era of Discrete and Computational Geometry, 30 years later"

Ascona, Switzerland, 2016

Best Poster Award

Sociedad Matemática Mexicana
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PhD Level, in 1er Encuentro de Mujeres Matemáticas Mexicanas

Querétaro, México, 2014

Honourable Mention

Sociedad Matemática Mexicana
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Sotero Prieto Award for best undergraduate thesis in mathematics

México, 2012